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Hi All! I have a 180 gallon, mostly Malawi tank, and am trying to finally start learning more about the different species of fishes, what fish are compatible with each other, and hopefully, start fine-tuning what I should and should not have together.

A great start, I figured, would be to at least learn about the fish I have! So, I've done as much digging online, etc., as I can handle and think I have some of them figured out. I have all my fish on this Photobucket link: ... ed%20Fish/

and have the ones labeled that I think I may know, and a lot of fish labeled as unknown. I would really appreciate anyone that has time to look through them and tell me if I'm wrong on any of them, and possibly identify the one's I don't have ID'd yet. You could post your responses with the photo numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.), if it's easier... The numbers will show up if you open one and click through them, I think.

Thanks for any time you're able to give!

Have a great day!


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I'll go by the # at the end of the URL.
Ones I skip, I don't know.

270: need a better shot of face. Either OB zebra or OB labeotropheus.
267: weird angle and possible optical illusion from glass, but looks like a washed out Kenyi.
266: some type of Frontosa
265: yep. They're a hybrid strain.
263: looks like a Jake. Look @ profiles for variant.
261: too dark to see.
256: same as 263, right?
254: yep. Red Zebras.
430: need a better shot, but I'm guessing something in the Melanochromis genus.
355: kenyi coloring but something off about body/head. Possible hybrid.
278: OB Zebra.

Hopefully some hap/peacock experts will chime in. The mbuna with the lateral stripe... Doesn't look like any pure species I know of. Looks like it has some Melano. in it.
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