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Hi cichlidsrule16,

You can add corries to your 29g rainbow tank quite easily. Although I have corries with some larger SA & CA fish, I do not think they will work well in your other two tanks. Specifically, I would expect the cons and jewel to pick at them in the 55g and I would worry about the jag in the 75g.

As you stated you could try other larger catfish in the 55g or 75g; however, the BN plecos should do a good job cleaning up leftover food. Plus, you are already pushing the bio load on those tanks and the added waste from a catfish may make your water change schedule a bit unbearable.

I would defiantly try a group of 5 smaller growing corries in the 29g; corries are my favorite catfish and enjoy being in groups. Since the 29g has limited floor space, I would make sure there are some bushy plants (real or fake), driftwood or rock caves they can hide in.

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