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They won't eat, did I stress them out???

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This past weekend I removed approx 17 juveniles from my tank which I sold to a local fish store. I cleaned the tank the same way I have done for years but, my fish have had no interest in eating. They have barely eaten since Saturday which concerns me. I moved the juveniles into my main 75 gallon tank once I knew they were big enough that they would be safe. My other tank is full of babies which are to small to move into the main tank but, now I am thinking I should leave those in the other tank until they are ready to be sold. I am unsure if my fish are stressed out as about 1/2 the fish are gone from this tank now. Another weird thing is my plecos (2) keep going swimming up to the top of the tank periodically, they end up splashing water every where out the back of the tank. Any suggestions would be great!
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Still the same though they have begun to slowly start eating but still only a fraction of what they use to eat and only once a day will they eat if they do.
My gold nugget pleco eats floating pellets but he doesn't splash enough to make the water fly out of the tank.

Are you saying that none of your fish were eating well or just the parents? What kind of fish? I've heard that some parents wont eat well for a while after having babies.
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