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the stock and tank

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I currently have 2 green terrors that are fry 1 fry 1 oscar and a little older jack dempsey they are temporaly in a 33 gallon all glass tank.Drilling the tank out and installing plumbing with a 200 gph flow rate and jet system.

I have been building a 150 gallon plywood tank that still needs alot of work how long can i keep this stock in a 33 the filtration will have a 20 gallon sump and lots of bio media.

I had 3 baby oscars and am now down to 1 the 2 gt's are alot smaller than the other fish (itentionally) but the jack dempsey is a little to large i had them in a 100 gallon but i had to throw away the tank it is beyond repair.
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You had 3 baby oscars...What happened to the other two?

That might be the answer to your question if they were killed. :wink:
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