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The Murk!

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Within the last 3 days my water has gone from pretty clear to really murky, it has a gray/green hue to it and smells pretty awful. It seems if I leave my tank light on for a short amount of time the smell returns. Any clue as to what this is and how to stop it? I've done a 20% water change and replaced the filter cartridges in my HOB. It is a 55g tank.

Thanks for the help!
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Sounds like an algae bloom to me. Leave the lights off, and do a few more water changes.
working on that now.

why do these algae blooms happen and how can i prevent it?

Thanks Chief!
alrighty then.

guess its just a fact of life?
Overfeeding, excess nutrients, too much light all impact algae blooms.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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