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When I became involved in breeding rift lake cichlids in the 1960's I became enthralled with the plate tectonics of the African rift. Even though my first spawnings were CA and SA cichlids, my focus was diverted by the African newcomers. Recently I obtained Ad Konings book targeting CA cichlids and came across a new topic (to me); Nuclear Central America. Although I have a brief token understanding of what Nuclear Central America is, it is not enough to satisify me. I have searched on line and have come across published papers that go into the details I seek, but they require me buying copies of their works, which I cannot afford. After all, it is of hobby interest for me. I appreciate the researchers need to finance their work -that does not bother me.

Today I visited my local (small town central Illinois) library looking for references and found none on the shelf. But my town is, fortunately, pro-active and has a resource consultant who is looking for texts for me.

Can anyone recommend a book, or books that specialize in plate tectonics that might reflect on cichlid populations that I might use?

This is a reach - know!
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