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I recently performed my first water change on a tank i'm cycling and was wondering what the usual impact of a water change is.

I checked the tank water and the pH was 8.1 with a ammonia level of .25, Nitrite level over 5.0ppm, and a Nitrate level of 30ppm. the KH and GH were both 4.

I aerated 15 gallons of water w/the buffer over night and performed a 30% water change. The next day the water parameters were; pH of 8.3, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate 2.5ppm's with KH and GH of 7. I had two questions about this. Is it typical of a 30% water change to make that much of a difference in the Nitrite and Nitrate readings? I am going to test again today and see what the readings are and will post later.

Thanks in advance.
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