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The Pacific Coast Cichlid Association is proud to announce Mr. Spencer Jack,Winnipeg, Canada, as our speaker on Jan 08, 2011.

Mr. Spencer Jack has been active within the aquaria hobby since the age of five. A true "cichlidiot", he had worked exclusively with cichlids for over twenty years. He has since expanded his horizons to include all types of tropical fish.

Mr. Spencer Jack has been an active hobbyist within Winnipeg for a number of years. Some of his roles
within the fish hobbyist community include:
* Co-founder of the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg (1989)
* Founder and President of the Canadian Cichlid Association (2000)

He now owns and operates a tropical fish wholesale business, The aFISHionados, and is still an avid fishkeeper and breeder.

Mr. Spencer Jack's enthusiasm, humour and dedication towards the aquarium hobby is easily witnessed through his lectures. All of his lectures are full multimedia presentations using PowerPoint, and almost all of the pictures in use are original pictures taken by him during his years in the hobby and travels across North, South, and Central America. Mr. Spencer Jack is a part of the American Cichlid Association speakers program.

"The Gymnogeophagus of Uruguay,"like their Rift Lake cichlid counterparts the Gymnogeophagus species here almost all express a wide range of geographical variation and a fantastic kaleidoscope of colour varieties. This presentation will give a closer look at just the members of this genus from the country, many of which have never been imported for the hobby before.

The PCCA January Meeting social hour will start at 5:00PM. Join us on Jan 8, 2011, at NEW LOCATION WITH GREAT FOODS, Harry's Hoffbrau, 390 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129. For more information, please visit us at http://WWW.CICHLIDWORLD.COM. :thumb: :fish: :thumb:

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