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The difference between a. comps and calvus

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I have a 29 gallon tank with 6 gold ocellatus, 2 white calvus, 2 a. comps and a bristle nose in it. The ocelllatus are about 1 to 1.25 inches. The calvus and the a.comps are about 1.5 inches. I am thinking about adding 3 petricolas to the tank my lfs just got some in that are about 1 inch. do you think that is a good idea to add the the petricolas or do you think they will give the occies a hard time or the other way around? and what is the difference between the a. comps and the calvus?
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I think your main problem would be that pretty much all your fish compete for territories at the bottom of the tank. Sure, the occies are more around shells and the altolamprologus will be more around the rocks, but the all take up bottom tank space. The BN pleco will want a cave, and so will the petricolas. In a 29G you'll run out of space pretty fast - and no chance that will work when the fish get larger. A better choice than petricolas would be Paracyprichromis, since they will occupy the top level of the tank. That's where your 29G (compared to a 20G long) would come into its own!
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