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My tank has been established now for about 6 weeks or so. I've posted a video before, here it is for those of you who are interested:

In this video, the fish count is:
9 Pseudotropheus Demasoni (had 12, one was culled due to irregular barring, two were killed in a Demasoni civil war)
5 Rustys
5 Pseudotropheus Acei (largest/oldest in the tank @ 2.5" or so)
5 Msobo Deep
5 Albino Zebra
1 Protomelas Annectens
4 Syn. Multipunctatus
3 Syn. Lucipinnis
2 Syn. Nigriventis
1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco
1 Bristlenose Pleco

That's 41 fish in 75 gallons, and granted the cleanup crew is 11 of those fish, which gives me 30 cichlids, it's still very heavily stocked.

It's a pretty fully stocked tank, but there are lots of hiding spots. The problem I was having was that the dominant male Demasoni was a total jerk. He was chasing other demasoni, chasing the Acei, chasing the Rustys...he didn't seem to be too happy.

Now, I know the problem is that Demasoni are by nature jerks, and they need other jerks around them to keep them in line. But I was leery of adding more fish to such a fully stocked tank.

I decided I either had to get rid of the Demasoni or add more of them - and the option presented itself. A friend gave me 6 Demasoni (which would bring my total to 15) and I decided to add them to the tank last wednesday.

Miraculously - the aggression has slowed significantly. There's no clearly dominant Demasoni now - there are 3 obvious males who have each staked a claim, and after adding the Demasoni I now mysteriously have a Rusty and Acei who are holding now. So obviously the fish have chilled out significantly and have more room for the fish loving.

Just thought you guys would be interested. Also, as these fish mature they'll be moved to a 180G I plan on buying when I move from my 750sq ft 1bd plywood tank to a 1000sq ft 2bd plywood condo this fall.

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Glad it worked out for you.
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