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Thats what I get for having a crawfish in my quarantine tank

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I know, it kinda defeats the purpose of a quarantine right? I had a snow white socofoli in there for about a week because it had some growth on its eye. It did fine, and my Cobalt Zebra had two white dots near his fin, and when I got home tonight I noticed what was becoming a white ring around his body. Any idea what that was? So I took him out and noticed he was very easy to catch. He was in the tank for about 40 minutes when I walked in and saw the corpse of my fish in my crawdad's grasp. :(
It my first big fish loss. I've lost mollies, guppies, and all that stuff when I was younger, but nothing like this. Oh well.
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Crawfish also prey upon fish when they are sleeping. Personally, I think they belong in a pot with crab boil. :D
TheeMon said:
Dave said:
Personally, I think they belong in a pot with crab boil. :D
alot of africans say the same thing about your fish!
No no, that would be over an open fire.
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