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Tetra Whisper® EX Advanced Filtration Systems
A Filtration System Designed by Consumers
Sean Raines
Tetra Brand Product Manager

We looked to consumers for inspiration, and listened to their complaints about features they dont like. Then we set off to fix them.

The first step in product development is getting to know the consumer on a personal level, and thats exactly what we did. We went into the homes of aquarium owners to study how they interact with their current systems. We watched them maintain their filters. We listened to their complaints. Filters are loud. They dont restart after power failures. They are a hassle to set-up and maintain. The single biggest opportunity with the redesign of aquarium filtration was to make it consumer friendly. Thats what Tetras Whisper line does.

Shaped for silence and easy maintenance.

The team worked hard to develop innovative features, all aimed at making the ownership experience satisfying for the consumer.

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First, the cartridge. You just open the hinged cover and remove the round-bottomed, quick drain cartridge. When youre ready to dispose of the old cartridge, you just squeeze open the carrier and the cartridge will fall into the waste bin. You dont have to touch the dirty cartridge anymore.

Another clever innovation is the location of the motor, now inside the aquarium. This new position makes the filter much quieter, and guarantees an automatic start-up right out of the box, and after power failures, too.

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I also like the new BioScrubber very much. I think everyone that has used an aquarium filter knows that biologic filters can get pretty filthy over time. They are not pleasant to maintain. This one is different. It uses bristles to create a huge surface area for beneficial bacteria to call home. Unlike others though, it wont clog.

Probably my favorite feature is the integration of the maintenance reminder to the product. The team wanted to include some kind of technology to remind the consumer when it is time to change the cartridge. We explored scores of designs. The winning concept was The TimeStrip®. Its simple, intuitive, inexpensive, and easy to see. It removes all the guesswork.
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The future of filtration, available now.

I think were ten years ahead of the curve here, but, of course, were always working on new ideas!

Change comes slowly with aquarium filtration. These products are not like computers and cell phones that are discarded very frequently as technology improves. Instead, consumers prefer to keep their filtration system operational for many years. Consequently, there are many filter designs on the market that seem outdated, because, quite frankly, they are. Our approach with the Tetra Whisper line is to provide totally new filtration systems that the consumer will be satisfied with for many years to come.
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