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Temporary home

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I currently house my Oscar in my 55gal tank in my kitchen. Well we are redoing our floors on Tuesday and have already begun to rip up the old floors. My question is when I dismantle his tank what should I put him in? Will a 40 gal rubbermaid tub work or will that bow? If I were to do that do you think I could leave him in there for a day if my OTB filter will fit on the side? I don't think I would be able to put my canister on cause the rubbermaid would be on the hallway floor and at the same level with the canister. What should I do? I was hoping to dismantle his tank Mon evening and hopefully get his tank back up and running Tues evening??
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hey guys thanks! Yeah I think I will put my oscar in Mon night w/ my OTB filter and try my canister too. I think that the floors will be done by Tues evening so I can put him back in then. I am sure he will sulk cause thats what he does best or he'll have his mouth wide open trying to attack me (thats what he does when he is mad).
Thanx again
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