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Temporary 10 gallon stocking?

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The 10 gallon is set up again and I was wondering what to put in it until I get the HRP fry from MonteSS...

Here's a shot (just put one of the filters from the 15 gallon on it) - has a kind of "eerie" look to it.

So what should I put in it? Posting in both continents since I'm unsure - could be fish other than cichlids too btw!
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I like it, dont know what I' put in a 10 gallon though. my wife has an electric blue crayfih in hers.
Pair of Apistos. Or a group of cories that you can keep with the HRP later.

Yeah, probably gonna do the cories... dwarf puffers were suggested on MFK, but I'd have to order them online, while the cories are readily available by me
So my LFS is ordering in Rabauti cories for me for tomorrow, so I'll be picking up 6 of them.

Almost bought a blue crayfish that was unusually active, but when I saw the rabauti cories on their list my mind was made up!
I had some wild Rabauti cory. Very cool orange color.

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Haha wow - same taste in fish I guess 8)

Too bad the ones I'm getting at my LFS won't be that colorful at all :(

Maybe you should send one with the HRPs if you still have any of them :wink: :drooling: lol jk
They were doing great for months. Then they started dieing one by one. No idea why. Wild fish can be a PITA.

That's weird, well hopefully the ones I'm getting tomorrow don't have a similar problem - but they're not wild so hopefully that helps!
Got the Rabauti today, brought 6 of them home, they're happily swimming around and already ate half a sinking catfish pellet!

Will take pics tomorrow once they're a bit more comfortable in the tank :)
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