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Some time in the near future I'll have to break down my 75g all male set up so that we can put in a new floor. I have 10 haps & peacocks between 5-7" 1 yellow lab and 2 lucippinis. The tank may be out of commission 2-3 days because the old carpet has to come up, furniture has to be removed etc. and floor guys would probably take at least a day if not more.

I only have 1 spare 20 long that I can set up before hand as well as some 5g buckets and some small totes, approx 4g. I guess I can pick up a few larger totes.

I will have to move the fish 2 floors down to a storage room in the garage. I can set up an AC110, two small ACs, I think they are 30's, and I could maybe use the Eheim 2217 if I can dial the flow down enough to put on the 20L. The temp stays constant in that room and I can plan this around early summer so temp stays in acceptable range. Obviously I'll have to choose which fish to put together in what tank. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

Fish list by size and dominance:
7" Taiwan Reef
5" Otter Point Peacock
6" Deep Water Electra
7" Z-rock Lithobates
6" Lawanda Peacock
6" Red Empress
5" Bi-color Peacock
5" Flavescent Peacock
5" Ngara Peacock
4" Yellow Lab
2- 4" Lucipinnis

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Just a thought...all the rest sounded like a lot of work too.

If you use a trash can, keep the water shallow.
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