Telmatochromis brichardi

Telmatochromis brichardi. Photo by Ad Konings​

Telmatochromis brichardi is a small cichlid found along rocky areas in shallow waters. Telmatochromis is closely related to Julidochromis, both having an elongated body and making their home in rocks. Despite this T. brichardi is often assumed to be a shell-dweller and given shells by hobbyists. However, if rock formations are available, they will ignore shells in favor of caves.

Telmatochromis brichardi is a peaceful species that normally doesn't display much aggression. Both males and females are under 2 inches in length when fully grown. Pairs form temporarily to breed and care for the young but won't stay together for long. There is some disagreement about their natural diet, being either an algae eater or an egg-stealing carnivore. A good quality flake or pellet should suffice. If small fry are seen, crushed flake or baby brine shrimp are recommended. To discuss Telmatochromis brichardi visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.