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Tanks on Carpet

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I am moving to a new house which has really nice carpet, and I would like to avoid destroying it by putting the tank (72x18 - 125 gallon) on it. It there a recommendation of what I could put under the stand to spread out the weight, like a sheet of plywood, or foam?

Any help is appreciated
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How long is the tank going to be there?

The carpet under the stand is not going to get walked on, thus will be in better shape in a couple years than the main area of the room. Once the weight is removed, it'll just take a little time for the fluff to get back into the carpet. The biggest problem will be food and water spills staining the carpet near the stand. So, perhaps put a throw rug in front of it to catch spills and you'll be good to go.
tank will be there for a year or 2

I was going to put down some carpet around the tank to prevent what you are talking about (I trashed a floor in an apartment once from a water spill.)
I put down clear vinyl runners under my tanks. You can purchase them by the foot at Lowe's or Home Depot.
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