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I've got juvenile Tramitichromis sp. Intermedius and juvenile Protomelas sp. "Spilonotus Tanzania" (Liuli) (all about 2.5") with my year old (or so) phenochilus (1m/3f) (4" male - (3.0-3.5)" females).

I have to say even as youngsters I really like the look of the Tramitichromis sp. with the phenos - the pattern/coloring of the pheno females is completely different and complements the Tram sp. (silver with spots v. darker grey with darker stripes (and hint of blue)) is a real contrast.

The Protomelas sp. "Spilonotus Tanzania" (Liuli) are kind of in between - a couple of males are coloring up - so we will see how we come along, but the initial what looks cool together if you have girls has to go with the Tram sp. Intermedius from what I have.

I can't wait to see some color from the Tramitichromis sp. - I wanted to get something with no blue.

Good Luck.
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