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Tank upgrade - Fish additions?

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Planned upgrade from a 39" 40gal to a 95Gal tank (48"Lx20.5"Dx28"H)
I did post a while ago regarding this but have since worked out that I can get a bigger tank than originally thought so he stocking plan has changed.

Current stock of 15 Demasoni, 6 Yellow Labs and 3 Syno Petricola in the 40gal.
Got 5 juvie Acei Ngara and 5 Metriaclima callainos (Cobalts) in a holding tank but I don't know their sexes yet so they might need to be thinned out.

Could I add anything else to the mix for the new size tank or would that be maxed out (30-35 fish)?

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Due to the size of the Cobalts and Acei once they are mature i would say you are almost maxed out.
Keep in mind that the better your filtration the better chance of stocking more fish. So if your filtration is top notch then it may be possible to add a dwarf species or up the number of you current stock :thumb:
I agree with Gibbs, I would not add a species, but I would add individuals to the species you have. Another 3 Syno. Petricola, a couple of additional Acei, I'd want to end up with 5 cobalts 1m:4f and I'd go at least 20 total on the Demasoni.
Kind of what I was expecting really! Ta

I would like to add a few more petricola, so will probably do that....and see how my Cobal and Acei m/f ratios turn out!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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