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Tank Update! (and fry colouration question)

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Well, I took peoples advice, (cheers cichlidaholic!) and finally sorted out a one species tank!

I've removed the divider from the four foot tank...and it now houses all my yellow labs!

Aggression has gone down to zero, from now on I'm not going to mix species again, they seem to love being the only species in the tank, and aggression has turned into schooling, where they all follow the big male about the tank...

Here's a few shots:

Thats the fry tank above the main tank... I was wondering, whats up with my fry all being different tones of yellow? Is this normal?

Cheers guys!
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cant help you with your problem :-? BUT beautiful setup :)
Dont worry . It will get more yelllowish as times goes
No chance of getting a few white fish out of this lot? The larger one seems to be a silvery white now, whilst the others are getting darker!?
Yes, this is normal. Eventuallly they should all mature to the same yellow as their parents. However, if one of the parents has bad color or bars, some of your fry are always going to display that pale yellow color, espaecially under stress. It usually takes about a month for their color to really come in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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