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Tank Territories

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I was reading some other posts and it was mentioned to create 2 distinct territories by placing a pile of rocks on either side and leaving it open in the middle.

Currently I have all my rocks on the right side and some driftwood on the left side that is more open.

Do you think I would be better off leaving it the way it or go with the piles on the either side of the tank and leaving middle open more and why?

The tank is a standard 75g and stock list in below in my signature.

Also there isnt alot of aggression but thought maybe this would help eliminate the couple fish I have being picked on as it seems it is just a certain 2 who get it the worst.
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You're always going to have a fish heirarchy in the tank so there will be fish chasing always.

If we're talking head on brawl aggressions then yes you want to spread out the territories.

You can always add hardy plants or tallish rocks around the area to help reduce agressions by inhibiting the fish ability to see from one side of the tank to the other.
Yeah its not any head on brawls, Im just wondering what setup would be better. Was thinking by having a rock pile on either side it would give the Dems a side and the Labs another. The Acei just seem to be swimming around all over the place out in the open.
sounds like a good idea to me to add more territories. it definitely helped my jewels out.
I have tried quite a few different set ups and my fish 4 Labs,6 Acei 4 rustys and 1 Dem all seem to go where ever they want no matter what the set up is and chase each other around the house.

Kind of like a house full of kids stuck inside.
I would guess you might find over time the Demon will have both sides split among themselves. The labs will almost always give way and then there are other mbuna that just are not that big on having a specific territory. I find any time I change up my fish, there will be chasing for a while but it normally goes away once they get an idea of who is more dominant. For me to try to figure in advance what they will decide hardly ever works. They have to sort it out. As long as nobody gets hurt, I go with their choice.
I agree with Pfun. My dems take all of the rocks, my male lab dominates the substrate.
Thanks for the replies guys. Might have to try this out the next time I do some cleaning in there and see what happens just to see what happens.
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