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Hey guys,

Long time keeper of cichlids in the past but I have taken about a 6 year break and was focused on my reef tank. In the past I kept Cichlids for 12 years my tank was a Front tank that had a mass die off due to cleaning chemicals getting into the water. After that happened the tank went to Angels and others. Now I am planning for a mbuna tank. I have kept these guys in the past but as you may expect reef keeping has upped my knowledge greatly so I want to do this tank right.

The goal is take my time and do this correctly. The tank is 60in x 18in 120g Marineland glass tank.

I would love suggestions on the best fish for the tank.

My initial thoughts were as follows.
6x yellow tail acei 1M 5F.
4x Rustys 1M 3F
6x yellow labs 1M 5F

From here I am lost but I want colors and successful breeding

The following I was considering at leat 1 set of either 1 to 3 or 2M to 5F
Metriaclima sp. "Membe Deep (then remove the labs)
Cynotilapia zebroides (Cobue)
Cynotilapia zebroides (Jalo Reef)
Demasoni "Pombo Rocks" (Pseudotropheus demasoni)

I am open to suggestions this is a project that is just starting so no fish are existing nor is the tank even ready and I intend to buy all the fish at once as juveniles and intend to find different breeders to get males or females from to ensure I get a good breeding line.

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You can do 4 or 5 species, but don't go less than 4 females for each.

Don't worry about different breeding lines until you have bred yours for a decade or so.

Do 3 males or 1 male...two are destined to focus on each other and fight.

I'd skip the demasoni unless they are the focus...if so then you want 20 of them after removing extra males.

You might do OK with the zebroides with 3 males, but then they occupy 3 slots as you still have to have 4 females for each.

You can do the Deep with the labs.

Choose one blue barred species.

Go 1m:7f on the labeotropheus or tropheops.
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