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Tank size for L. Multis?

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What is the best footprint of a tank for a start of five L. Multis? I am setting this up in my LR and so I am hampered for room. Could I use a 10 gallon, 20H, 20L or 29? I know that bigger is always better. In the high tanks what happens with the area above the multis or could I put some dither fish there since I believe multis remain close to the bottom?
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**** you can do it in a 10g long term...i have mine up for over almost 2 years long count how many it in..a lot!
You could do a 10 gallon but if you have the option to go larger than that is what i would recommend, bigger is better.
with something like multi's the bigger footprint the better so if you go with a 20gal tnak i would go with a 20L because they arent gonna swim around the top as much as other fish
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