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tank off level

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i have read other threads on the topic, but i want to ask one more time. i have had a 29 gallon setup for about 2 years now and it has always been a little off level. i would say the water level on one side is maybe a half cm lower than the other side. its always been like that and the stand is on hardwood floors so it isnt sitting on a carpet tack strip.

i go through phases of worrying about it alot and am in one right now. should i take action and be safe or will it be ok like it has been for a few years?

any advice would be appreciated. anyone else live with an off level tank that just doesnt think its a big deal? does the fact that it is a smaller size auarium make it less dangerous than if it was larger?
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Since the tank has been this way for 2 years without incidence... I'd be inclined to think it's fine...

Here is something I posted earlier today in a similar thread in this folder:

If the stand is not flat… then this creates “differential pressureâ€
i think im fine as my old stand was the same degree off level, my floor is a little uneven.
thanks for that great info.
I know everyone talk about these sometimes made up forces that can potentially cause the tank to break - and I don't have the math to prove it - but I am not convinced that this scenario matters. There have been many debates about this, but I find it hard to believe that there is any reason to believe that a non level tank is at any way a risk to the integrity of the tank (from a physics point of view). But that is just my opinion, so hopefully no one yells at me. This is one of the topics that is never resolved.

When I built my stand I contacted the tank manufacturer (TruVu - it is an acrylic tank) and they made it very clear that it doesn't matter. I would suggest contacting the tank manufacturer, since I am sure they have a lot of smart people who figure this out when then design and sell their tanks - especially for warranty purposes.
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I think Toby H has it right as that's the same theory I have. He did a better job of explaining it than I could have though. Level isn't as important as flat or flush on the bottom. It is my belief that this is what causes tank breakage (other than falling rocks or outside forces obviously)
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