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Tank Illness...4 gone in 3 days...any clue? red spots

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Hey all,

Im very upset now. *** been a long time lurker and looker but this is my first post. Everything started about a month ago. I had a healthy tank with about 10 fish in a 55 gallon tank. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and everything went to h**l. I had my GF feed and watch after the tank (not that she really had anything to do with the problems). Before i left i noticed some behavioral changes in the fish, Some lost apatite, One died, and then it was good for the week. The next week rolled around and i was back for 4 days. 2 fish died and i then went to my local Cichlid gu-ru's to get their opinion. They suspected something bacterial from my description of the fish.

Well lets skip ahead a few weeks and 3 of 4 dead fish later...Now I'm down to five. They are acting like they have ick, breathing heavy, no appetite, scratching, no real signs of ick spots. Went to my gu-ru again and we both decided it was ick. I have been treating for 2 days now and i have lost 3 fish and Im sure another will be gone in the morning. Everything really went downhill fast. Tonight i noticed on one of the two last that it has some red almost like small pimple spots on him. (see photo below).

Any idea on whats going on? I know its probably a lost cause now but i would really like to know where i went wrong for the future. The tank has been established and running fine for about 1.5 years. I do a weekly 20-25% water change and keep a close eye on everything. I have noticed lately a thick dark green slime has formed on all the rocks that get light. I don't know if this has anything to do with it.

I'm beginning to loose trust in my local so called gu-ru. I just feel bad because I love my fish and i did not mean to kill them.


Thanks for all the help

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hello Kim,

Parameters are all ok....took a sample to the aquarium shop although im not 100% sure what he tested, probably nitrite and nitrate ....i know i really need my own test kit. That will be my next purchase.

There was the normal maintenance done while i was gone...Water changes etc... I don't think they could of been overfed. They get fed one a day and only a minimal amount. THe fish pictured has not eaten in about a 5 days.

The dechlorinator does work against both...not sure on the brand though.

hemorraghic septicemia sounds like a slow painful process....i do believe its gone past the return point though. I woke up to another fish gone, not the one pictured, He is the only one left.

I did a large nearly 50% water change on Thursday afternoon.

I really don't think that he will make it until i get home from work. If he is i will start on the Process ASAP.

Im moving in less than a month so the best thin might be to start fresh if this last one does die. If i do do this, is there anything that i need to do to treat the tank and its contents before i set it up to run again? Should i even try and save the water or just start a recycle when it is set up at the new location? I feel so bad and I should have made this post sooner. :(

Thanks for all your help

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So should i be doing more than a 30% weekly water change? less feeding? I feed only once a day and they usually devour the food within 2 minutes and thats all they get for the day.

I will defiantly get a liquid test kit. Any location you can point me to buy online?

If he passes i will clean everything out and start fresh at the new location. Once I move I will have to recycle the tank and wait for everything to even out again correct? It should cycle faster with established substrate and rocks correct?

I know it is my sole responsibility for the health of my fish and i dropped the ball big time on this one, I just don't want this to happen again. I just want to learn as much as i can from this experience and try my best to prevent a situation like this in the future.

Thanks for all your help Kim, I truly appreciate your views and guidance.

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