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tank cleaners

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i really need to know this before i get one... i want to get an algee eater for my 75 gal tank the only thing im worried about is when my Neolamprologus brichardi spwan will he try to eat their eggs at night
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I would not be worried about the eggs as much as the Brichardi killing the algae eater. I had a single Brichardi in a community tank and he made killing every bushynose pleco I put in the tank his job.
I have Bushynose in with my Brichardi's, for that matter in all of my Tanganyikan tanks. The BN's hide most of the day, and come out at night. I have plenty of fry of all sizes which tells me the BN's aren't messing with the move on their behalf. Like the other poster stated, I'd be more worried for the well being of the BN.
I have a pair of brichardi that have recently spawned twice, two different generations of babies living in tank with other fish that are pretty aggressive. To my knowledge I haven't lost any. The brichardi will take care of those babies very well, don't you worry! This is my first experience with brichardi babies and I was shocked myself at what excellent protectors the parents are.

The others are right, worry for the other fish :)
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