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Major, massive, gargantuan, hulking thank-yous to Taratron, who saw my post here about where to find Tangs. This kind, wonderful soul did a quantity of leg work in Phoenix for me, since I'm 200 miles away, and found me a collection of beautiful, amazing fish. They were packed up with love and care, and sent home with my brother-in-law (who happened to be in Phoenix today).

My saltwater aquarium never got as far as fish. I had live rock, coral, and inverts, but I never had the fish. It wouldn't have been the same, anyway, because salt fish aren't communities. They're singular entities that are pretty, but have no fascinating interaction like Tangs do.

I had forgotten how awesome Tangs are. After more than a year out of the Tang game, it had slipped my mind about how exciting these fish are. There are punks on parade, patrolling the tank and flaring their fins at the other fish. The transcriptus have picked out a series of caves, and occasionally swim out like submarines to scowl and show off. And the multis have found their area of the shell bed, and are bossing everyone around.

This is so much fun. The tank's right next to the TV. Guess which one gets stared at more.

(I didn't realize that transcriptus are so PRETTY!)

Thank you again, Taratron. I couldn't have this awesome tank without you. :)
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