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Tang tank change...workable?

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I have a 30 long with Neol. brichardi (2 breeding pairs! yikes) and Neol. leleupi...I'm wanting a change. The leleupi just terrorize each other, so I'm taking them to my LFS. I'm completely attached to one of my breeding Brichardi families, but the other 2 odd men out are also going to the LFS...
I'd love to add some shellies (Multis?) and another rock dweller for the other side of the tank, after the troublemakers go...Would this be workable? This was my 1st Tang tank, so I'm anxious, but I'd really love to try something new!

If I can do some changing, what would be the safest way to do so?
Thanks for your expertise!
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you can do calvus and shellies, or julie and shellies... But keep in mind with the size of your tank, you might be able to do only 1 calvus or a pair of smaller julies like the trans. variant.
Wait, merissa are you keeping one Brichardi pair? And is your question what tankmates can you add in a 36" tank?
Yes, I want to keep one Brichardi pair...they're actually a trio at this point. And I'd like to add some shelldwellers & maybe another rockdwelling's a 36" 30 long. This Brichardi family keeps to their side of the tank in the rock pile...other than to hover near it. That's why I'm hoping I might be able to add tankmates to inhabit the other side or some shells...Am I too hopeful?
The problem is that the brichardi will probably take over the entire tank in time. If you keep their numbers down you might be able to add some shellies, but it would be a risk.
Oh, I thought you are keeping 1 birchardi. if one pair, I don't think you can keep anything else once they start to increase their colony number.
A brichardi colony would look really nice in your tank and be fun to watch. :)

Would it be possible for merissa to add 2 or 3 syno. multipunctatus with the brichardi colony in her tank?
Just wonderin'
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