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tang setup

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well i have had a 75 gallon for a couple weeks but i dont know what to put in it...
first i thought of malawi haps/peacocks but their to expencive, then thought of a tropical planted tank but i didnt wanna get a co2 injector.
now im on a lake tang tank.
i want to have some shell dwellers and rock dwellers, and a little altolamprolongus compressieps.

any ideas on what kinds of shell or rock dwellers that can live with the comps?
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however you spell altolamprolongus compressieps lol.
generally the A comps and Calvus are more expensive than mbuna or young peacocks...

or at least that is how it is a little north of you...
There are a few ideas in the cookie cutters. ... er_75g.php

Any of the fish, or mixes in there interest you?
well i guess its a little bit more up there my lfs sells peacocks for a minimum of 20 dollars each.
and im most likely going to get the lake tangs from daves rare fish since he live in the same city as me. about 20 miles though.
and anyone know how much baking soda i add to higher up the ph of the water?

im kinda liking the
• Altolamprologus calvus or compressiceps - pair
• Neolamprologus buescheri
• Shell dweller pair of choice -
'Lamprologus' (Shellies) brevis,
multifasciatus (group), melegaris,
ornatipinnis, ocellatus, speciosus,
similis (group), Neolamprologus signatus
• Cyprichromis leptosoma (12) (non-jumbos)

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7.0-7.2 straight from tap.

i just tested that today now i have to raise my ph for my mbuna...
g465777 said:
7.0-7.2 straight from tap.
The reading from the tap doesn't accurately portray what it is 24 hours from now. I would recommend letting some water sit for at least 24 hours, then test it.

A Buffer Recipe is HERE

Now, the key here is to have a measureable amount of water, let it sit for 24 hours. Then start to add the buffer...slowly. Record your results. When you get to your desired ph and hardness, stop, and do the math.

For example, if you use 5 gallons of water as your test, and there ends up being 65 gallons of water (approximately), multiply the amount of buffer by 13.
ok thanks so much
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