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Synodontis eupterus badly beat up

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I have a Synodontis eupterus that is around 5 inches and the poor thing gets beat up by my cichlids and never has beautiful fins like he should, be it's never TOO bad. I just moved 4 hours away and had all my fish in a big rubbermaid thing with some rocks and they all did fine but I noticed my syno got the **** beat out of him. They must have all tried eating him cuz he barely has any back or top fins and white patches ALL over him, mainly his face which looks like where they bit him. I am treating the tank with melafix. He isn't acting like he is dying but also isn't being himself. Any other things I should get to treat him with? Any advice?
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Sounds to me like he's needs a new home. I wouldn't want to live with roommates who are trying to eat me . . .
Your original post said he got beat-up before the move and that his fins never developed the way eupterus usually does. So based on that, it didn't sound like an ideal situation for him . . .
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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