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I have a 120 gal tank where I am growing out frontosas, some small compress. and two black calvus.
The tank is 'over-filtered, with a trickle down filter, a good sised cannister, and two foam airstone filter/aerators.
The tank has been running for about a year, and I do 50% water changes every week. There are many clay garden pots I use as places of refuge, plus som logs and slate ro mark off areas.
Lately I noticed a recently added black calvus has developed shrunken belly.All other fish seem to be thriving, including a previously added black calvus.

I am living in central southern Thailand, so water temps are in the paremeters and ph is a 8.3 out of the tap, and unclorinated.
I have switched the tank to a more protein-orientated diet-( bood worms, tubiflex, and some crab meat all fed in rotation) and all soaked in garlic..
I feed the fish once a day what it seems they can eat in abot 3 minutes.
My situation is good for purchasing fish, but not so good for puchasing medicines.
Any suggestions ?
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