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Hi everyone.
I have just about finished building a 6ft tank with DIY background but unfortunately the only place left in the house to put it leaves me with only above the tank for filtration. I consider myself a good DIY'er, I make my own tanks, sumps, overflows, cabinets, etc, I also have all the tools to cut and drill glass .
So my question is:- Which do you think I should make? a sump or a trickle filter or a bit of both?
I know the sump filter will be heavier and have the added bonus of more water but will it be a better filter than a trickle filter or may the trickle filter have any benefits over a sump filter?

If it helps with your discission the 6ft tank will house 7 x adult Cyathopharynx Furcifer Mbita.

Cheers. Pete
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