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Sub dominant male yellow labs

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would it be fine if i had one male and 14 females in my 77 gallon. My 2 subdominant males in my tank are getting black bars and blackening faces and are quite ugly looking. My dominant male is a beauty though.
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YL don't really need as strict of m:f ratios as other mbuna. The black bars + faces are signs of poor lineage/breeding.
Yes it would be fine. You must be the one other person on the planet beside me that has problems with multiple male labs in one tank.
thanks for the replies
dielikemoviestars said:
The black bars + faces are signs of poor lineage/breeding.
From what I've read on the topic this occurs in the wild also.
I had the same problem with my previous group of labs. After all, they are mbuna. I had 3 males in 1 tank & the 2 sub-doms would show slight barring/darkening faces from being stressed, it does occur in the wild; but isn;t considered a desirable trait . I separated them & the barring/dark face cleared.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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