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So my nyererei finally bred for me maybe about a month ago and the eggs looked fine, and i put them in an egg tumbler but after a few days the eggs started getting fuzzy around it, looking kinda looking like mold. I had the egg tumbler having them at a steady pace moving around, but i had to just flush them. Then another female started holding and i waited about 2 weeks to strip instead of the 3/4 days i waited before but she ended up spitting them out or something in the process of trying to catch her because nothing came out and she wasnt holding anymore when i put her in the tank. So about a week ago i noticed the first female holding again so today i took her out to strip her and the eggs just wouldnt come out, but eventually a giant clump came out looking kind of moldy? why would she keep moldy eggs in her mouth? I took a picture, they arent just on the table its a clear container.


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