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Stringy Poop

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I have my albino oscar with some stringy poop. I had already put him in a quarantine tank before seeing the poop due to being picked on by another fish (or so that's what it seemed, from nipped fins).

Oscar is about 2.5".
In a 75 gallon (48x18), with a JD, 5 silver dollars, and 5 S. juruparis.
Sand substrate.
Ammonia/Nitrite = 0
Nitrates = about 20ppm
Was being fed a mix of cichlid pellets, cichlid flakes, the occasional algae wafer, and bloodworms.

She's been hanging out on top, sort of sideways, until I try to touch her with the net, then she takes off and swims like everything is fine. Was like that for 2 days, until I decided to put her into a quarantine tank. Has been in quarantine for one day, and there she just hangs out on the bottom. Doesn't swim around much, stays in one spot. Doesn't look like she's struggling in any way (ie. no labored breathing or struggling to maintain position). Then this morning was the stringy poop.

Best way to verify if it is parasitic? And, if so, best way to treat?

Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Last mention.... stopped eating while in the 75 when she originally started acting lethargic. And, currently won't eat in the quarantine tank.
Oscar died this morning. So, working on figuring out the cause, for future knowledge.

Thank you.
Sorry for your loss. I am not familiar with this symptom in SA or CA.
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