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Ok please bare with me on my experience, I just want some opinions on what could of happen.

Roughly a month ago, I purchased some Ena. Kilesa Fry from a member on this forum...I purchased 10 and he also gave me an extra, leaving me with 11 Kilesa. All of them range from 1-1.5inches....I had them in with some Pseu. Saulosi Fry, and Proto. Red Emp Fry in a holding tank (50gallons). At first they seemed ok, but after a while they seem like they were getting killed one by one. I was down to 7 when I moved the Saulosi and Emp fry out(assuming they were the cause of the deaths), leaving just the Kilesa on there own. When I returned yesterday from vacation, I noticed only 3 were alive. One big one and 2 small, could it be the big one is a male and he killed off the other males? I'm confused and upset because now I only have 3 Kilesa left.

My setup/daily routine:
I do a 25% water change weekly
All my water parameters are on point, as I've been raising African cichlids for a long time.
I've been feeding them NLS growth formula, and also some Spirulina Flakes.
50 gallon Breeder tank, lots of space in width for Fry that size.

Comments please
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Not sure why they are dying but can assure you that its not beacuse of a male. you can have as many males as you want in a roup the never harras to the point where it would kill. Before I got ride of my group I have 7 males with one female in a standerd 55 gallon tank, all of who were around 5 inches. Best of luck with your remaning 3. Also if you ever want to get more email me, I get them really cheap

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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