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Hi all,

got a 65G custom tank that i'm busy prepping for fish with my 30G already having various Mbuna in it, I thought of going for Haps and Peacocks rather than Mbuna.

So far my thoughts for stocking using the cookie cutters for a 75G tank:

Placidochromis phenochilus (1M 3F) ? (2M 5F) ?
Protomelas taeniolatus (Red Empress) (1M 3F)? (2M 5F)?
Nimbochromis venustus (1M 3F)? (2M 5F)?

Now the question comes in, what quantities do I get?

I already have an unhappy Venustus in my Mbuna tank, so he will be transferred to the bigger tank. Will probably try to get sexed juveniles and go on from there.

The tank should have decent filtration with 260g/h Atman Canister and a 290gl/h Powerhead filter

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A Nimbochromis venustus gets FAR too large for a 65g or a 75g tank for that matter. Keep the single male because you already have him or try to sell him.

I have Placidochromis phenochilus and they get far too large for a 75g also. Not sure why they're in the cookie cutter. Not only to they get to be about 12" long, they also are VERY bulky as cichlids go. My 9" male is bigger than my 4" ATR, 6" mloto, and 6" zrock males combined. I strongly advise you not to get this species. I had to get a 115g tank once my male hit 6" because he just looked too big for the tank.

Picking haps for anything under 75g is pointless to me and you're better off going peacocks or mbuna. I'd suggest rethinking all three species as they're all larger haps. In my 75g, I'm keeping

1M/2F - Copadichromis melas Mara Rocks aka Mloto Midnight
1M - Sciaenochromis fryeri
1M/2F - Protomelas steveni Taiwan Reef Albino

My tank looks very, very full and that is only 7 fish. Your numbers are far too aggressive IMO.

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Wait, how long is the 65G tank? You should choose which cookie cutter by the footprint and length of the tank, not the gallons.
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