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I am really attracted to the Venustus, I have been reading books and poking around on the forum and it certainly appears that the Venustus is quite the nippy fish.

Before we go any further I should say that I am moving really soon and do not have a tank right now (I had a 12g community tank) but I am hoping to get a 72 or 75 gallon tank in a few months. I have really enjoyed learning about ecoligy and the care of fish and I am looking forward to providing a good habitat for future pets...after the purchuse, the setup and the cycle.

I think I have only come across one person here who have a Venustus in a tank smaller then 100g. My question reloves more around my possibly upgrading to a 125g tank. If I am not able to get a larger tank then I will just stock peacocks and other capatible fish (more time to research that later).

I am curious what should I put in with the Venustus or should I have a breeding tank (have not decided how I feel about that yet)? All male venustus tank (does not sound like a great idea)?

Any general feed back would be great. Just trying to find some direction to further my research, since that is all I can do at this time.

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