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Stocking Question for 150g

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I'm upgrading one of my 55g tanks to a 150g (72x18x24). I'm planning on an all male tank. My planned stocking list is below. I was wondering if there are any major problems with the list below or are there other cichlids I should add to the mix which would be a better fit. I've tried to vary colors and stay on the less aggressive side and with fish that have a similar diet. I'm planning on a pool filter substrate with lace rock. For filtration, I will have 2 Emperor 400 filters which came with the tank and a Rena XP2 cannister that I'm bringing over from my 55g.

Auloncara "Yellow Collar"
Auloncara gertrudae
Auloncara jacobfreibergi "Ã-tter Point"
Auloncara Baenschi
Auloncara Struartgranti "Flavescent"
Othopharnx Blue Otter
Protomelas Spilonotus Tanzania Liui
Protomelas Spilonotus Likoma
Tramitichromis Intermedius
Cytocara Moorii (has to be in mix since already have in 55g)
Placidichromis Phenochilus (has to be in mix since already have in 55g)
Lethrinops "Mbasi Creek"
Copadichromis Borelyi (Kadango) or Yellow Fin
Copadichromis "Midnight Mloto"
Frontosa Burundi (I know not the best choice, but I was given the fish by someone who did not want it.)
Syndonis catfish
bristlenose pleco

Thanks in advance for your feedback
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Avoiding fish that closely resemble one another is the most important thing about an all-male set up. There's a few here and there that have some resemblance, but in such a large tank, I don't foresee any real problems.

I think the biggest problem you're going to have is finding some of the fish on your list. Some of them just aren't readily available or available at all.

Placidochromis sp. "blue otter" - I've searched for these for years... never found one.
Protomelas spilonotus (Likoma) - same as above.
Lethrinops sp. "mbasi creek" - very uncommon.

I'd be very interested to hear if you have a lead on these already or if you find them.
Some LFS's and breeders in the area have both the blue otter and likoma,so I should be able to get one. It's one of the advantages of living in a big city like Philly.

I was afraid the Lethrinops might be hard to find. One of the lFS in our area will sometimes be able to order the hard ones like the Lethrinops, but it's not a make or break if I can't get that one. Is there a Lethrinops with similar color which is more readily available?
If you can get some pictures of the fish and post them, I'd like to see them. I've come across a few so-called "blue otters" that were not. I think Ad had a WC group some time ago, but other than that, I've never heard of anyone else having any.

The P. spilonotus is common, but the Likoma variety is extremely uncommon, make sure that's what they are before you buy.

Lethrinops variants are often dependent on the location. They're not as common up here, but seem to be more readily available in the US.
Great advice. I always worry what you buy may not be what you end up getting especially when you are buying juves. You would hate to find out a year down the road that I have something that is not what I wanted.

Thanks for your feedback, Joea
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