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I'm doing an all male tank with haps and peacocks. I've got two rena xp3's and a 110 aquaclear for filtration. Can i have male and female cyrtocara moorii in an all male tank? This is what i was thinking.
1 German Red
1 Stuartgranti maleri
1 Caroline peacock(don't know the scientific name?)
1 Copadichromis electra makonde black yellow fin
1 Stuartgranti Usisya
1 jacobfreibergi (Otter Pt.)
1m 5f cyrtocara moorii
1 nimbochromis livingstonii
1m 4f yellow labs
1 Placidochromis phenochilus

Would really like to know how this might work out long term, the livingstonii is a fish that i've always wanted and kinda weary that it won't work. do i need more fish or is this a good stocking level? As far as aquascape goes i've got larger rocks and plan on a few live plants but mostly open swimming space. If i can't go with female moorii in an all male what fish could i build around the blue dolphins so that i could have a group of them? thanks for any replies!

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I think the female moorii will wreak havoc with an all-male tank and if the breeding group of moorii is your priority, I stock with other breeding groups as well.

A peacock breeding group would work well with the moorii, and the lab breeding group. Not sure about combining with other haps.
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