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Hi Guys,

I have a current 180 with some younger fish, breeding size but not fully grown out in a 180 and looking to add one more fish type to mix it up.

Current Stock
4 Mylochomis Mchuse 1 m 3 f
5 Protomelas sp. "Spilonotus Tanzania" 1m 4 f
5 Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Taiwan Reef) 1 m 4 f
5 Aulonocara stuartgranti (Cobue) 1 m 4f

I am looking at add another Hap to the mix. Perhaps something Redish
Protomelas taeniolatus (Red)
Copadichromis borleyi (Kadango)

I have always like Nimbochromis... would they work?

Whats your thoughts?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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