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I've just ended my 95g, 51x20x22, malawi aquarium due to complete change of plumbing in the entire house, (stambyte in swedish), so no water or human inhabitants for 6 weeks...

But already planning of starting a tanganyika (or victoria) aquarium when I can move back in.
What I want is a more harmonius aquarium where I don't need to check for aggression all the time and an aquarium that looks big for the fish i.e. no overstocking.

After done some reading I've come up with this mix

4 - Lamprologus ocellatus Gold --> 2 distinct shell formations
4 - Julidochromis marlieri Gombe --> 2 distinct rock formations
4-6 - Neolamprologus caudopunctatus - open water & shells/rocks

That would total to approx 33"- 40" fish with a maximum size of 3.2" per fish --> very spacey and I would assume they would spawn and procreate.

I will have to order from a czech breeder through a local distributor so I wouldn't be able to return anything and I assume that at least one pair of each will form.

Would this setup work?


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I would choose shellies because they form a colony (no returning anyone), but multifasciatus are better in colonies than ocellatus. Big pile of shells all together.

Skip the caudopunctatus...they reject fish that are not in the pair so you would have to return some. Also they occupy a similar area as the shellies anyway.

Julidochromis are likely to reject fish not in the pair so you would have to return fish or have some deaths. Occasionally you get a group that will tolerate extras...maybe you will be lucky.

For open water I would do 12 non-jumbo cyprichromis. They do tolerate each other regardless of the gender mix.

Everyone will spawn but fry will be eaten. Put the "inch-per-gallon" rule out of your only works for small, timid fish like neon tetras.

If you are serious about not returning fish, maybe do a colony of multifasciatus and a colony of cyps.
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