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stocking no. in a 150 gal tank

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I am thinking of stocking 28 duboisis, 14bembas and 15moliro reds into a 150 gal tank, all are about 3-4 " range,

Is this a good mix and number ?

any inputs will be appreciated.
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I should go for the duboisis and moliros and exclude the bembas. It would be a nice setup.
Good luck!
Your breeding with be severely limited with three groups in the tank. I would cut it down to two larger groups. If breeding isnt a concern for you then your plan sounds fine. :)
Sp.reds are very prone to making hybrids.

If you must absolutley pick a thrid variant, pick a Kasabae (rainbow type) in stead of a or other southern moorii.

Sounds like a beautiful tank. If you got the 6ft wall space, the 180 gallon will be a much better fit for (3) variants.

Duboisi will dominate breeding and produce more fry. The other 2 will breed almost nothing at all. Your breeding in this tank will be very minimal. Stripping will almost be a must to have any success.

Make sure your filtration is in good order and maintain bi-weekly/weekly water changes of 30-75%

Best of luck!
I already have the fish.

I decided to keep 2 variants on the 150 and the moliros stayed pu on th 75.

everything seems fine for now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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