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So, I believe I have my list finalized. For my 55 gallon tank I will be getting:
Labidochromis Chisumulae-Qty 6
Pseudotrophius Sp(Msuli)-Qty 4
Cynotilapia Afra(Cobue)-Qty 6
I will be buying all as juveniles. As for catfish would Synodontis Multipunctatus work in this tank? And if so how many should I purchase? If not what should I buy?

It looks like I may be able to set the tank up fairly soon. Boyfriend is purchsing a new single wide, at least at the moment everything is heading in that direction, and as soon as we are in the new one I can get the tank up and start the fishless cycle. I can't wait! This tank will have sand and natural rocks as decoration. Thanks for all the help everyone has given! Hopefully one day i'll be able to help as well.
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