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Hi there!

( I posted in the Lake Malawi section but feel free to suggest me some stocking ideas from other lakes. I just didn't find a stocking section in the forum. )

I have a 40 gallon that is 36" long.

I emptied it a while ago as I wanted to change the substrat from gravels to sand since I wanted to get some Lake Tanganyika shell dwellers. At the moment my tank is empty, but its HOB filter is still running in a 5 gallon with plants, a massimo ball and sometimes some fish food to keep the bacteria alive. Hopefully, when I will refill the 40 gallon and bring its filter back, I won't need to cycle the tank again as the bacteria will still be alive.

I also have a large sponge filter with an electric pump that I also plan on using if necessary.

My plan was to go with Multifasciatus, but them being so small I feel like it would be a waste of a nice 40 gallon when I could get them a 10-15-20 gallon and they'd still have lot of place to create a nice thriving colony. So I still want them, but for my second-to-next project.

So now I'm open to suggestions for my 40 gallon / 36" .

This will be my first Cichlid tank, and even though I read a lot about Multifasciatus, Cyps, and Paracyps and could say I'm starting to know them decently, I am a complete virgin for other Cichlids (African, South American, etc). The closest I've had was a German Blue Ram, which I loved.

Anyways, this time I would like to have cichlids that are bigger than Rams, but not so big that I end up getting only 2 or 3 fish in my tank.

If possible, I'd like a community tank, even though I know it might be complicated in a 36" tank.

I have a specific look that I like with my cichlids, and it's the punk look. So a big and long dorsal fin that is pointing up. I don't like bulky fishes like Oscars or those with a big lump on their head. I'm not a fan of the shape of most juliies neither.

Here are a list of a few fishes that I like their looks (note that I'm sure they all don't fit together, it's just to help you guys help me with your suggestions lol)

- I absolutely love the look of the Caudopunctatus
- I also love the shape of the Multifasciatus (but would like bigger), as well as Similis (same thing, would like them bigger)
- I love shapes and looks of German Blue Rams and Bolivian Rams, but would like something bigger too.
- I love the shape and look of a lot of Apistos too, like the Caucotuoid (even though then I prefer their dorsal fin to be of equal length - while the Caucotuoid has longer in front and back)
- I LOVE the look of Aulonocaras A LOT, like pretty much all of their colors - but know nothing about them
- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE LOOK OF THIS FISH (but I'm not sure about the type - The seller said it was a Firefish very rare when pink, and that it was 6 inches, but I cant find others online) :

So yeah, I think you pretty much can see the pattern I like. Big and long dorsal fin. No need for them to be electric blue or multicolored or anything, but there's that specific look that I like.

(oh, and besides that specific look, there is also the Pseudotropheus saulosi that I like, even though they dont fit the pattern)

I don't know if they'd fit but some setup I could imagine having would be, I dont know, maybe some Caudopunctus, some Saulosis, and maybe some Similis at the bottom ?

Or maybe one of those pink beauties pictured above, a calvus, and some Caudopunctus.

I don't really know, those are the cichlids I know by names, but I'm open to any suggestion.

If possible I would like to avoid species that you need to buy 6 at first, then wait for a couple, and then sell back the others. I'd like fish to stay with me. I don't need fish that breeds because I know it could cause some agression and my tank is kind of small for fighting.

So yeah, please give me suggestion of stocking. If possible, the amount I should get for each one.

My tap water pH is 7.8, but I have crushed corals, I have some Cichlid buffer and even some Cichlid salt.

I also have a bunch of Escargot shells already bought (about 75) and I'm ready to get my hand on a lot of flat rocks to make caverns (or even make some in styrofoam + cement + let them cure). So yeah, I'm ready for anything, I just need suggestions ! well as discovering new species I might like !

PS : My girlfriend has a little crush on the Pseudotropheus Saulosi, so any combination with them are more than welcome :) ...but feel free to give me other suggestions, even without Saulosis!

As for me, I have a crush on the pink one I posted, and on Aulonocaras

I know my tank size will limit me a lot and that I might end up with only some species only suggestion, but, let's see !!

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For some reason, I cant find the EDIT button.

I wanted to add in the list of cichlids I love the look, I wanted to add Jewel Cichlid.

I read that they normally try to kill anyone when they breed, but I saw a video from Prime Time Aquatics on YT where he has a lot of them in a 40 Breeder.

So yeah, feel free to add them in your suggestions, I could also be tempted in a species only of that specie if I can get more than 2.

(Unless they dont eat their fry, and then they can live in harmony with their offspring and form a colony)

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Don't worry I will not mix fish from different lake or continent. The fish listed in my firdt post were just to describe the look I lile, I'm aware most of them can't be mixed.

I love the Caudopunk / Calvus option, and I also read I could uilt a tankanyka tant with Caudopunks/Paracyps/Calvus,and I might read more into this possibility.

I love the idea of Gymnogeophagus, but I'm not a fan of the lump they develop on their head when they get adult. Are there similar fish that looks like juveniles gymnogeos and while keep that look all their live ?

ANYWAYS I'm still open to more syggestions! Maybe some suggestions from Lake Malawi, even mixed with fishes not in my list :)
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