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Hi Guys

I recently got given a complete aquarium setup, the tank is a strange size though, and would like your guys suggestions for stocking it. The dimensions are Length 2000mm x Height 1000mm x Width 300mm.

The trouble is at that height and width, it's going to be a strange tank to landscape.

I'm thinking maybe emulating roots descending to the bottom of a planted tank with mostly tall plants (suggestions welcome), but do you think it would be fair to put Angelfish in a tank of that width? Always lent more towards Tanganyikans, and maybe doing a simpler layout with more striking fish, @ 600 litre volume, a nice colony of Tropheus would be cool, but again, the 300mm width seems a little unfair to these fish.

What would you suggest be done with a space like that?

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Is that not 6'6"L X 3'3" tall x 1' deep. Whew that is an odd one.
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