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I will probably receive some bias since I am posting in a SA forum lol. I sold my reef system and I am going to set up a clear-for-life Uniquarium 180gallon FW tank. I already have a Tropheus Kasanga RR colony in another room and want to try something different. I have already done Mbuna, Peacock/small Hap, and Tang community. The back 4inches of the tank is the built in wet-to-dry filter in which the two overflows are on the ends and the two returns in the middle. I believe that leaves around 150 gallons of real-estate for live stock. I am getting this tank brand new with over a 1000$ discount so jumping on this. I have never tried my hand at a large SA cichlid tank, but I also wouldn't mind to have a colony of Mobas or Mpimbwe Fronts as well. I am open for suggestions.

2-3 - Severum
1 - Prochilodus....or some Clown Loaches or school of Silver Dollars

A pair of RT...seems like alot of real-estate just to keep two fish( I know it is necessary d/t aggression)

A colony of 8-10 Mpimbwe or Moba Fronts. (I am aware this is a SA forum, but I don't want to do multiple posting).

Please add suggestions or other nice SA/CA stocking for this size the filter system seems really adequate...Has 2 Large Rio pumps and a fairly nice wet-to-dry system. (Might trade out the Rio's for Sicce though).
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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