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I'm new to Cichlids and looking for some feedback on stocking the tank. Here are the details on the tank:
75g, silicate sand substrate, two 300w heaters, one Polar Aurora Canister filter (525gph), a week or two away from being cycled.

This is the list of fish I am considering:
Yellow labs 1m:4f
Albino Socolofi 1m:4f
Acei 1m:4f
Maingano 1m:4f

Other species I like:
Cynotilapia Zebroides Cobue
Psuedotropheus Saulosi

I know I need to stick to 3, maybe 4 species max in the tank shooting for 15-20 mbunas total. I really like the look of the Maingano/Johanni/Demasoni. It seems the Maingano might be the most peaceful of the three?
I'm interested in hearing any option for a red/orange color that could be substituted in the above list.
I know the Socolofi might be a bit of a wild card? More aggressive? Looking for any suggestions you all might have on this list and the ratios of M:F. Open to feedback on the tank as well.

Thanks in advance!


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The first stocking looks fine (including socolofi), except stock 1m:7f on the maingano.

If you want to swap out something for orange, I would remove yellow labs and add Metriaclima estherae.

Don't put them both in the same tank as they cross breed.
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