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I am planning to make my 75 gallon tank a peacock tank. Till now I am using 40 gallon as grow out tank, I have

3 x 2" male peacocks - dragon blood, OB, unknown (has nice blue and orange on him)
1 x kenyi and yellow lab hybrid (very docile and will be donated if becomes aggressive)
4 x yellow labs
1 x yellow tail acei (planning to get few more)

Fish I already had but not planning to keep due to agression
1 x protomelas taeniolatus thumbi point
5 x kenyi (2 males, 2 females, 1 runt female) These will be donated soon

Aquarium Decors I have
real driftwood
fake stone
Top Fin Mossy Driftwood Aquarium Ornament
Penn Plax South Castle Aquarium Decor
2 x Top Fin Cichlid Rock Aquarium Ornament
Top Fin Tree Root Aquarium Ornament

Caribsea torpedo beach sand (white sand)
Peace river sand (mix of white and brown)

Top Fin Ocean Floor Aquarium Background (blue colored)

I am not sure what changes to make, which one to use as it's my first African cichlids tank. I have experience with community fish and American cichlids. Any advice on stocking would be really appreciated as well.

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The stocking is being discussed in the Malawi forum, please post additional suggestions there. This thread can be for the physical and decor.
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