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I have a 55 gallon with rock stacked to the top. So far I have 1 Juli Transcriptus and 1 Neo Tretosephalus.

I plan on adding 6 Syno Petricolas and a few more Transcriptus.

Would it be ok to mix some Juli Ornatus into the bunch? Or would thier be problems with Transciptus?

I also want to add some shellies like a pair of Signatus and some Altolamp Sumbu Dwarfs. Should I stick with one shell dweller? I had a pair of Signatus once and they beat the **** out of everything I put in my 30 gallon.

Any sugestions on other species welcome.

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I def think you should add some addition Julie Transcriptus. You should have at least 5 to start, and then once they pair up you can remove the others.

If your rock piles are towards the back of the tank I wouldn't see a problem with housing the two shellies that you wanted. You will need proper shells and will also need to place the shells at the opposite ends of the tank. You can have the Signatus on one end and the Alto Sumbu on the other side. Maybe see if you can get 1 trio of each.

Other than that I think it would be wise to add more fish for the open water column. 12 or so Cyps of the non jumbo variety.

I would also ditch the Neolamp Tetro, those guys are brutal and need a tank bigger than 55 to get along with just about anyone.

So in total:

12-15 Cyps Leptosoma
5 Julie Trans
1 trio Atlo Sumbu
1 trio Signatus
6 Syn. Petricola

Also I noticed that you are in Warren, MI. I just moved to Ann Arbor, MI and have two Petricola I'm looking to sell, look at my AD.
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